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‚ÄčYes!  The Stock Market does delivery.  We offer scheduled deliveries Monday thru Friday.  Our scheduled routes offer you a regularly scheduled delivery once every two weeks and that can be altered to every week if needed.  Delivery requirements are a minimum of ten items such as hay, feed, shavings, dog food, etc.  If you wish to be scheduled for a regular delivery, we also offer the service of contacting you on Sunday of the week of your scheduled delivery to remind you of the delivery as well as take your order at that time if it is ready.  We service certain areas on certain days so you will always be aware of what day your order will be delivered.  Delivery fee on these scheduled deliveries is only $9.  To be added to our delivery schedule simply copy and print the Delivery Agreement and fax or email it to us or call the store and give us your information.  We will be glad to add you to our schedule.  One time delivery for purchases such as dog kennels is also available at varying costs so please don't hesitate to ask for delivery if needed in those cases.