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Choosing a feed that is right for you:

Just hatched babies require a Start & Grow feed for 16-18 weeks. By that time you will know the gender of your poultry. If they are layers, then you will want to feed a layer feed that is loaded with calcium and extra vitamins and minerals that help with egg production. If they are male, then you can feed a scratch grain feed and or something with a high protein content.


Organic Poultry Feed:

Organic poultry feed is free of medication and chemicals which allows your poultry to be raised completely organic. All of our organic feeds are made with certified organic ingredients.  

The Stock Market provides Nature's Best organic layer pellets and organic layer crumbles to our customers who wish to raise their poultry completely organic. You can feed this as the sole ration to free-range and confined layers throughout the laying cycle.

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Super Premium Poultry Feeds:

Super premium poultry feed does not contain any medications. You will find fresh, natural ingredients that your flock needs to succeed. The Stock Market provides a full line of super premium poultry feed. From the start and grow for the babies, all the way to the layer feeds for the adult layers.  

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Nutrena Nature Wise Poultry Feed, Southern States All Grain Poultry Feed

Premium Poultry Feeds:

Premium Poultry feeds are developed with the proper balance of nutrients at a price that's right for you. With a product for every life stage, premium feeds help your flock for a lifetime. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. The Stock Market carries a variety of premium feeds.

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Nutrena, Southern States, Purina